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CBD Oil for Anxiety

Anxiety is an extremely prevalent mental illness in the US as well as other countries all over the globe. It’s estimated to affect at least 20% of the population, and finding ways to alleviate anxiety is a growing problem. Thankfully, one powerful remedy for anxiety — CBD — is becoming more widespread. CBD, or cannabidiol, has one of the most potent anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects of any treatment available. What’s more, it’s completely natural.

The Research on CBD and Anxiety

CBD is becoming a very well-researched remedy for anxiety. Unlike the other component in cannabis, THC, which causes a high, CBD is not a psychoactive drug — meaning it will not cause any of the peculiar sensations associated with cannabis. A number of medical practitioners have begun to adopt CBD as a full-blown natural remedy for anxiety duet to its ability to positively effect a calm mood.

Anxiety disorders often involve obsessing worrying and uneasiness, as well as feelings of panic, stress, or fear. PTSD is another form of panic and anxiety that can benefit from CBD.

Because CBD acts on areas in the brain that trigger anxiety, such as the hypothalamus and the amygdala, CBD can actually work to reduce anxiety on the whole. Many regular users of cannabis report that marijauana reduces their sense of anxiety — and CBD is essentially the same thing, only without the “high” feeling. This is because CBD does not contain THC, which is the high-inducing component. THC acts on CB1 receptors int he brain, while CBD doesn’t. One of the earliest studies done on CBD and anxiety was done in 1982, which showed that in some test subjects, CBD-rich cannabis were better at relieving anxiety in both sick and healthy individuals.

One Pivotal Study on CBD as an Anti-Anxiety Treatment

One study demonstrated the effects of CBD on anxiety by having a placebo group vs. a group using CBD before experiencing a stressful public speaking situation. The test results showed that those subjects who received CBD experienced a lot less cognitive impairment, anxiety, and discomfort. Those who did take a single dose of CBD were much calmer, yet still highly alert.

CBD was shown to enhance the ability to speak for the test subjects, and the symptoms of social anxiety were reduced in the speakers as well. When an MRI was conducted on these subjects, the scan showed that CBD had incited action in the paralimbic and limbic areas of the brain, both of which are related to anxiety.

Another study using animal models suggested that CBD works by inhibiting certain neuroreceptors, such as the 5-HT1A receptor, which is ultimately responsible for experiencing a sense of calm and wellness.

Additionally, a second study showed that patients who had generalized anxiety disorder experienced less blood flow to regions of the brain responsible for anxiety after taking CBD. This meant that taking CBD ultimately reduced all forms of anxiety — not just public speaking.

Taking CBD and Finding the Correct Dosage

If you are thinking of trying a natural means of treating anxiety, such as CBD, there are many ways you can ingest it. These include seeds, vapes, gum, and capsules, or even chocolate and other food items. Herbal Renewals is one company that offers a CBD spray, which is thought of to be a good herbal remedy to treat anxiety. CBD silver oil is another product put out by Blue Bird Botanicals, which uses a drop and spray method to feel the calming effect of CBD.

What dosage you may need depends on your personal tolerance for CBD and the amount of anxiety you are currently facing. In many clinical studies, some dosages have been as high as 400mg, while certain tinctures only contain 100mg per bottle. Thus, it depends on how much of the spray you will need, as advised by your homeopathic practitioner, to treat anxiety. For some days, when you may experience highly anxiety-inducing periods, you might want to up your dosage a bit, as well.


If you’re looking for a natural, safe way to treat anxiety and panic, or simply to experience a sense of calm and well-being throughout the day, CBD is a healthy choice. As it is entirely natural, made from hemp (which is grown natively in the US), CBD is a safe alternative to medications and expensive pills that you might have to resort to without it.

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