Just Chill CBD Vape Review – Natural Relaxation?

CBD has recently become one of the best ways for people to relax around the world; and given that it’s completely natural and safe, it’s becoming more widespread to see people using trendy, hip vaporizers of all shapes and sizes. The Just Chill CBD Vape is one such instrument, and can be used to discreetly use your favorite CBD oil — which comes from carefully-cultivated hemp plants, not marijuana. Meaning it won’t get you high and won’t cause any psychoactive effects. CBD is completely legal and natural.

User Reviews of Just Chill CBD Vape

Users of the CBD Vape Pen love it. One user was curious if it would show up on a drug test — it did not, because CBD oil does not contain THC, which is responsible for causing the “high” associated with marijuana. Many users have said the CBD Vape Pen is easy to use, small and portable, and within just a few minutes, helps with pain and anxiety. It provides a long lasting and pleasant feeling.

One user said he found CBD to be therapeutic, with an opposite effect to THC. The “drug” form of marijuana stimulates, while CBD is a sedative, relaxing, healing effect. You feel refreshed and happy after using it, said the customer.

In addition, many users say the pen is very tasty. They do not have any of the peculiar taste like some vapes, where the e-liquid may make the puffs taste funny. But this one contains a formula that doesn’t separate. The rich CBD oil made by Just Chill is created entirely within the US, without additives and artificial ingredients. There are no fillers or toxins, and the pens come with a one year warranty.

What You Receive with Purchase

With the CBD Oil Vape Pen, you receive a one milliliter tank that is 510 threaded, fitting on every Vape Pen put out by the company. To use it, simply remove the tank from its package and attach it to your vapor pen or eCig. After about 3 to 5 puffs, which you should hold for roughly 10 seconds before breathing out again, you’ll feel a calming effect from the CBD oil itself.

Vape pens, or vapor pens, are becoming more popular — and are commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes in pen form. They use e-liquid which sometimes comes in the form of CBD. The CBD Oil Vape Pen is specially designed to receive a concentrated mix of CBD oil, thus giving you a more positive mood-boosting effect from CBD.


Cannabidiol, or CBD, is now recognized as a medicinal remedy. It is one of more than sixty compounds found in cannabis, and does not contain THC — the “high” inducing chemical from marijuana. It is non-psychoactive, meaning you will not experience any peculiar effects with it. It does not act on the same pathways in the brain that THC does — these are CB1 receptors, and create mind-altering effects. Since CBD does not create these effects, it is considered a highly-effective medical component, acting as an anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and antiemetic (reducing vomiting and nausea).

Additionally, the Just Chill formula of CBD oil comes in a number of flavors such as strawberry and sweet leaf. Each tank contains roughly 400 puffs per tank and will last about one to two hours per session.

Why CBD is so Helpful?

CBD is now considered one of the most important cannabinoids discovered, due to its incredible ability to relieve pain. CBD oil is specifically made from seeds and stalks of hemp plants, which create the feeling of relaxation in the body. When you use this product, you will find that any sense of pain or discomfort is quickly alleviated, and it is discreet and safe to use.

Why Use Just Chill

While prices and potency may vary from one brand to the other, the Just Chill Vape Pen is extremely affordable for anyone, and its oil supply lasts for a very long time and tastes great. You will spend less money and get more for each purchase when buying from this company. The pen currently retails for $39.95, and you’ll get your 1ml CBD oil in addition to the unit itself.


If you’re looking for a safe, discreet, affordable way to use CBD oil, the Just Chill Vape Pen is an excellent choice. At its affordable price and great tasting oil brand, Just Chill provides a calming, relaxing experience like no other.

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