Vape Bright Review

Vape Bright is the latest brand we’ve reviewed for our audience. Based in Carlsbad, CA just north of San Diego, Vape Bright has built a team to help “(share) the news about the healing power of CBD oil.” In this review we’re going to take a look at their product offerings, explain what each one contains, as well as break down what we see as the pros and cons of the Vape Bright brand.

Review of Vape Bright Products

On their website, Vape Bright sells six different variations of their Thrive CBD oil vape products. They can be categorized in two sections:

  • Regular Strength
    • Individual package
    • 3-pack
    • 5-pack
  • Extra Strength
    • Individual package
    • 3-pack
    • 5-pack

The Regular Strength Thrive vape cartridge comes in a 200 mg size, and currently retails for $45.00. According to the label, this product contains 20 “servings,” which equals approximately 200 inhalations. The “serving size” is 10 inhalations, so you’ll breathe in the vape ten times each time you want to receive your CBD oil.

When looking at the label, we see that the Regular Strength Thrive vape cartridges contain 15mg of their “proprietary oil,” which contains terpenes, MCT oil, and organic hemp oil. An additional 10mg contained in the formula is cannabidiol.

The Extra Strength Thrive vape cartridge comes in a 250mg size, and at the time of this review has a retail price of $55.00, on sale from it’s normal price of $65.00. The Extra Strength size contains 25 servings at approximately 8 inhalations each, for a total of 200 inhalations per cartridge.

The label for the Extra Strength contains 10mg of their proprietary oil and 10mg of cannabidiol.

Getting Started with Vaping?

If you’re just getting started into the world of vaping, you can purchase one of Vape Bright’s Starter Packs. They come in 2 different packages, one in Regular and another in Extra Strength. Both Starter Packs provide a carrying case that contains a Vape Bright charger and battery.

This battery acts as your actual vape pen, using the 510 thread to screw the cartridge onto it. Just charge up your battery, then screw the CBD cartridge, and inhale.

One of the reasons we like these batteries is because you don’t have to push a button in order to activate it. We’ve found that sometimes the batteries or pens that require a button push to activate eventually break, rendering your vape totally useless.

This “inhale only” style of vape also ensures that the oil you’re using doesn’t get too hot in case you lay the pen face down and accidentally activate the push button. Since there’s no push button, you’re safe from burning up all the oil in your pen!

Their battery boasts “100 inhalations” per charge, so you should get plenty of use out of it until you have to charge it again. Nobody likes a battery that lasts just a few puffs!

Pros and Cons of Vape Bright

  • Pro: Company is incredibly transparent. Ownership and key members of their team are listed on their website.
  • Pro: Address, phone number, and customer service information is easily accessible.
  • Pro: Compliant packaging, lists all their ingredients, and clearly explains the amount you can expect to inhale per cartridge.
  • Pro: Transparency on their 3rd party lab reports.
  • Pro: Many reviews per product, not all of them are “5-star, glowing” reviews – honest customer feedback included.

Now that we’ve listed the positives, we’ll point out a couple of the negatives we’ve spotted.

  • Con: Pricing is inexpensive, which may keep some people who want to try CBD oil out of the market.
  • Con: 5-pack pricing is only saving customers $20. We’d like to see a bigger discount for a larger purchase.

Our Rating of Vape Bright

In the Wild West of the Internet, it’s easy for companies to setup shop overnight, take advantage of a hot market, make some money, then leave behind a trail of unhappy customers.

Vape Bright is the opposite. They’ve done a great job of establishing themselves as a reputable company, making it quick and simple for anyone to get a hold of them.

Next, Vape Bright has conducted independent, 3rd party testing of their product to check for quality. That’s a rarity with online brands.

Even though their pricing may be a little bit higher than we’d like, we want to remind you that often times we get what we pay for. It’s for this reason, that we’ve rated Vape Bright a 9 out of 10.

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